Master of Puppets Guitar Lesson Pt.3 – Metallica – Harmony Solo


  1. Shred Doping

    I just cant understand that part with 20th fret on the B he is just to quick there I can't do it I dont know what strings to play help me someone

  2. Power Metallistic

    I have an acoustic guitar but I found this video pretty helpful. My only problem is that the higher part is too high and I can only play it deeper but that sounds awful after the deep part. I mean if I only play the high part deeper then it's okay but I can't make the actual deep part even deeper. So, if anyone understood this… Pleeease help ๐Ÿ˜€ What should I do?

  3. WayneTwitch

    I can pretty much play the whole song but this part shits a pain in the ass

  4. Jk Jensen

    When i made my righthanded guitar lefthanded, itโ€™s not possible to reach all the highest notes as the body is larger on that side

  5. Wilson Li

    Thank god I got a 22 fret guitar :] my old guitar only had 21 frets lol

  6. SoulHealingBeats Blackdemon

    For all people who dont have enough Frets:
    There is a formula for Notes
    If you want to play a note on a higher string calculate:
    If you want to play a note on a lower string calculate:
    You can multiply the 5 with the strings you want to go down or up ๐Ÿ™‚
    Eg: x+(5*2)

  7. Freezing Foxy

    m amp sucks I'm getting a marshal soon but I just started and I tried to play this I'm about a month in nd I cant play this ill will try I can play crazy trains main rifs but mastering master of puppets is a goal by 2 years

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