Rock & Roll Band/Boston (tutorial) – cover by Tonedr


  1. Shemp Howard

    isn't that mane verse supposed to to be G and G#.. on the low E string. I don't know maybe I'm wrong

  2. sergiomng

    Notes at the end of the riff should be G Ab E, instead of G F# E, as you're doing it.
    Just a constructive comment 😉 I love this song too.

  3. tonedr

    love Boston and great to hear your a fan….thanks for your kind post and keep rockin!


  4. LowFlyer1200

    I've been re-visiting Boston tunes and happily stumbled upon yet another one of your great lessons. Thanks so much for taking the time to do these.

  5. tonedr

    i either use a Fender Princeton or a Headstrong Lil King (Princeton clone) i usually run the treble on about 8 and the bass on about 4ish – for the vids the amps are pretty low maybe 2 on the volume and i use either a Fulldrive or OCD pedal.

  6. S4lsn1p3d

    thanks. your tutorial of jet airliner is my favorite. also, what kind of amp do you use, and what bass/mid/treb and gain do you use?

  7. tonedr

    thanks for checking this out…all the best with your music!


  8. tonedr

    really appreciate you watching…..thanks for the kind post & all the best with your music!


  9. tonedr

    Thanks for the post – good help! Keep rockin,


  10. Evan McNeal

    On the b chord for the intro do you barre your index finger when you remove the pinky?

  11. tonedr

    Lol – thanks for watching! All the best with your music,


  12. Robert Lindblom

    Thanks a lot for your reply Dale. Im gonna see what i can find. I would be pretty happy just to have someone to jam with.. Things get more fun then =). I know a couple of good guitarists personally, but they play mostly like powerchords and such. Pretty boring in my opinion, since i traded my electric guitar and amp to an electric acoustic. Will see what happens. I will keep on practising, as i actually realising that i am getting faster in my fingers =)

    Sincerely //Robert

  13. tonedr

    hello Robert! sorry about the slow respons, i just found your post.

    thahks for your questions – i would give some serious thought to seeking out a teacher and taking some private lessons – not forever maybe even 6 months. Let them see you play and they can make adjustments that tab and YT never will be able to. Also get around more experanced players if you can and steal steal steal!!!


  14. Robert Lindblom

    Dale! You keep me up all night with your videos. I Really want to be able to learn a lot of stuff but i really dont know where to start. I am pretty sick of trying to play dust in the wind by now. Do you have any advice for me? Is tabs the first place to go to be able to learn faster? I can do most chords and such. But to read tabs takes a lifetime for me. Do you have any advice for a rookie like me?

    Thanks for all the vids! Much appreciated!

    Sincerely //Robert

  15. tonedr

    I'm with you – I love their stuff as much now as when it first came out! All the best,


  16. tonedr

    i'm glad you worked it up! Great old tune……your friend,


  17. tonedr

    sorry if you had problems – it seems to be working fine now – all the best!


  18. tonedr

    Boston is such a killer band – i like the tunes you mentioned and will give them strong consideration. All the best with your music!


  19. tonedr

    you are exactly right and i'm sorry i showed it wrong on the video! I appreciate your post – all the best,


  20. tonedr

    thanks so much for watcing – hope all is good!


  21. tonedr

    Thanks so much for watching – hope all is good!


  22. tonedr

    in my dreams i'm a rocker baby! Hope you guys had a great one as well and a good weekend ahead!!

    your friend,

  23. tonedr

    i'll have to give that a listen………thanks for watching!


  24. tonedr

    thanks so much and i hope you guys have a great holiday season as well!

    your friend,

  25. Lee Hutchings

    Is it me or does that introduction sound just a little like 'Rock and Roll Star' by Oasis?!

  26. tonedr

    i really like the neck PU – i can split the coil so i get a fairly close tele neck postion sound and then the full HB has a nice dark tone with lots of sustain – i really like! RS Guitarworks built the guitar and i'm a big fan.

    hope you are doing great and you'll be getting your hands on this guitar soon – you rock,


  27. tonedr

    hello sir, thank you for watching – all the best,


  28. tonedr

    hello Dennis, hope all is good in SD! Sure appreciate your kind post, rating, and thanks for watching! All the best with your music,


  29. Drock42992

    ooooooo TELE! How does that humbucker in the neck sound? Oh and cool lesson, I think I'll use it.

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