Think You Can Play This? | The “Trogly” Jazz Chord Progression Lesson


  1. The Trogly's Guitar Show

    I've been asked about this 'song' that I play – where it comes from/how to play it so I thought I would answer that. I learned these basic chords and have just developed them in this way over the years. I like the way it sounds so I use it in my demos quite often

  2. Sassy Cat

    It reminds me of Sheryl Crow's My Favorite Mistake. Good lesson, Trog. πŸ‘πŸ»

  3. Evan Murphy

    This is awesome! Is this the same story as the intro bit? I'd love to learn how to play that as well

  4. Phil Wilson

    Troglys' Transient Tonal Triumph !

    I guess that one could just shorten it to :
    "Troglys' Tonal Triumph !"

  5. Phil Wilson

    What an Excellent Show !
    I have noticed that you do play that particular progression during most of your demos.
    It is an awesome progression that sounds great !
    Thank you for sharing !
    Your Intro and Outro Themes are Excellent as well, and I do miss it when the Intro does not make the cut, because it really sets the mood for an interesting and relaxing show that is informative and illustrated !

  6. McRCN

    You should do more videos like this. It was fun. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Carlos Juarez

    Lamento Boliviano by Enanitos Verdes. One of the best rock songs in Spanish, literally everyone knows it.

  8. Ron Just Ron

    Lol you never cease to amaze me Austin, now your'e offering guitar lessons. That's why your channel is at the top of my list and I look forward to your daily uploads, you never know what Austin is gonna do…. Keep up the good work!

  9. J Dogorilla

    It’s a 1,5,4 minor7 progression. That’s literally 100000 songs.

  10. Bill Knott

    Ill ask Gibson if they make something that plays the guitar for you. $5,000 ok for it? Good.


    STRAP LOCKS the strap don't look good. Funny learn the play right for years then turn to jazz. It's like de-learning, going backwards. LOL

  12. lazy RRR

    Thing about "jazz" chords is the fingers you DON'T use – – – Joe Pass left some great tutorials before Leaving The Building

  13. Puppeteer Fin

    THANK YOU for posting this…this sounds so mint AF and this is my favorite thing to do on guitar RN. THANK YOU!

  14. Cyb3r 3vil

    A real nice venture out of the normal
    Still would rock that Les Paul guess you would to lol
    Thanks for the share Trog!

  15. jeffrey biscoe

    Thanks Trog ! As a novice player very cool ! I learn from where ever I can ,I guess more experienced players thumbs down a l'il leason.😎

  16. HK Guitar

    Way to go. Thank you for including the same chord progression with each guitar demo as you have developed a way for all of us to compare each of the different instrument's sound/tone with the same/duplicate chords being played through the different demos.

  17. Kieren Moore

    That progression is to Trogly's Guitar Show, as The Lick is to Adam Neely's … πŸ™‚

  18. angryheb1

    Check out the 2002 Gibson tennis Les Paul. I saw it on Pawn stars. Ugly!!

  19. Glenn Winburn

    U kno bout a looper rt, u could record the loop, play it back .Then u can come up wth more parts like bass line, a solo line. Thats tons o fun also, if ur into that kinda thing.LOL I hav a ditto pedal by tc electronics, under 100bks new. Super learning tool. Mite b 4 u , or mayb not. Gd video, u could teach guitar as well if u wanted, no kiddin i liked how u did that. Thx

  20. Carlo De la Vera

    Em7, Bm7, Am7 its like a 12 bar blues but with 7ths

    A jazz progression would sound more like
    Cmaj7, C#dim7, Dm7, D#dim7, Em7(flat5th), A7, Dm7, G7 resolving to a Cmaj7

  21. Bobbi Holliday

    One of these nights,,,,one of these crazy crazy nights.. something like that right sounds similar. Awesome guitar jam regardless lol. You are so lucky to play on those guitars. Keep it up!

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