tony pantalleresco: shungite; paint shielding formula, remedies


  1. Andy P

    Going to start wearing my blue blockers at work because I work 2nd shift and they have these stupid LEDs. They went from sodium vapor to fluorescent to LED bright white garbage. It's a sabotage to the nth degree

  2. Bones McCoy

    ty for sharing Tony's work, I love his dedication to healing! if anyone can help. Are shungite bracelets and necklaces no good? How about Chia seeds I use in smoothies. I see they promote omega 3's.

  3. Form Runna

    I only use shungite to ward off negative waves and trash energy…I have 14lbs of shungite and my electric bill has been cut in half…

  4. yumcha

    All this high tech monitoring of humans is an industry based out of israel. Proof positive!

  5. Elizabeth Erwin

    Tony, to protect the ATP and the mitochondria you released a video on the importance of using liposomes:

    where can someone buy both the Adenine and the ATP? There are different types of Adenine. Thank you!

  6. CA WattsGlobal

    Philadelphia Project folks can travel back in time. Im going to try the stores lights.

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