Why Your Guitar’s Humidity Matters: How To Monitor and Control It


  1. Bailister bagi

    I struggle in the winter time, sometime times the humidity goes about to as lowest 26, I used a humidifier for a couple of years and I hate them as you have change out the filter and the water would start to smell and clean out weekly and the noise is loud, then I tried a cool mist humidifier and they are great but the draw backs was a lot of white dust all over the place, couldn't believe how much was caked on my instruments and equipment. So i stop using those methods and now I just put damp sponge in a home made containers with holes and put it in the guitar case, it does trick and learning to adjust the truss rod helps also. Summer time I have no issues as I have a dehumidifier so I just turn it off when I play.

  2. christy judge

    I'm about to move to Kuala Lumprur from the UK. So currently it's around 0-10 degrees here, with 70 to 90% humidity. (I'm actually really surprised about the humidity here, I didn't think it would be very high at all). In KL its 25 to 35 degrees and 80% humidity, pretty much all year. The humidity is palpable in KL it's arguably quite horrible. I'm planning to bring over my Fender Starcaster re issue, is there anything I should be worried about? and what can I do to help my guitars? (I'm not running a dehumidifier). According to this video my guitar should already be having a hard time having to deal with 90% humidity as should every guitar in the UK. Thank you very much.

  3. José Lima

    I don't usually comment on YouTube videos, but I must say, you're videos are great! Really informative and with great quality. Keep up the great work!

  4. Wayne Ridenhour

    Nashville … like Memphis has WIDE changes in humidity … my biggest challenge is keeping enough moisture in the environment during winter … when the heater is running

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