Combining Influences & Playing to Changes in a Twangy Way: Lead Guitar Lesson


  1. Brodie Thomas

    Would it be possible to get the backing track to this? The bass and drums really adds to the overall effect.

  2. Salman Kamil

    That's pretty cool I'm gonna possibly steal your licks sorry hahaa
    Also I think P. McCartney played the solo on Helter Skelter?

  3. David Hollander

    Another great video, Eric! It's so true about Slash and being able to sing those solos. I remember Johnny Marr talking about that back in the 80s… that he thought it was the mark of a good solo, even though he rarely played a solo himself. (Guitar Anti-hero!) It's what I love about David Gilmour's playing. And Dave Rawlings, too, where you can hear and appreciate every sad and beautiful note. You're a spectacular player and teacher. Thanks again.

  4. Pretzels722

    Can i just say how refreshing it is to have a guitar channel dedicated to more TASTEFUL advanced-ish lessons as opposed to yet another cheesy instructional video on uber-metal or mega-jazz-fusion stuff.

  5. Judson Moore

    Lots of great stuff to play with here, Eric. I love the way you combine styles ranging from Slash to Wes Montgomery to Fleetwood Mac. This piece also has a Surf vibe going for me. Thanks for expanding the appreciation of all types of guitar music! BTW, "Droney Pony" is on my list for great could-be-a-band names 🙂

  6. Scott allen

    Mr Haugen, even though you are a few grades ahead of me, in terms of study, I find your lessons very relatable. At first I thought it was just the Tom Waits connection but I see your reasoning and your ideas just line up with mine. Thanks again from another subscriber.

  7. Wilbert Cook

    Eric your killing it !!!! Always a pleasure to see a new posting and a new lesson for me. Thanks for such a great lesson these tutorials have helped me improve by leaps and bounds on guitar plus I carry them over to my bass playing. Keep up the great postings. ✌🏻my brother

  8. matt dillon

    You teach me so many good things. I'm so indebted to you. Far out stuff, as usual.

  9. Nick Summers

    Eric — sorry it's been a while between emails. Just wanted to drop in on your virtual party and say that you always manage to impress with those incredible vintage tones. You should do a whole video dedicated to the Strymon Deco and the Flint, and the phrases you seem to be able to pull out of them. Really enjoyed your 'Mandorla' video, too — for the sounds and the playing.
    Hope to catch up soon.
    Take care, man.

  10. Dave Zee

    Eric, many thanks for the continued videos. You're hands down the most interesting guitar instructor in YT!!

  11. Andrea Austoni

    Didn't know Les Pauls could be so twangy. I miss the Mustang though. BTW Fake Swedish is a GREAT band name.

  12. Unique 23b

    I'm a bit disappointed you didn't use your new "signature" thumbnail (re: like the last 2) but you redeemed yourself with another great lesson. Thanks. Nice tone too. Cheers.

  13. Boogenhiemer

    Very nice Eric. I think the first thing you should go over is the chord progression, then the melodies. At least for me that's what makes the most sense.

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