DIY Custom Leather Sandals – EASY WAY


  1. ANerdyTaco Jr

    Since I toe walk I do use sandals with comfy support.
    They are regular sandals (in a way) . The color is black with some glitter. And there is support above to rubber layer that is made out of a firm but comfy and supportive sponge. There is a bit of a round arch on the middle to help me walking regularly. And the rest of the support helps my aching heels and toes.

  2. Terry Toad

    Good tutorial. Just one thing I'd change. Mark the crepe with your finished sandal after sanding and burnishing it. That way they'd be a perfect fit.

  3. Mountain Fisher

    I'm liking the ecoweld, how long does that take to setup and how long to completely dry?
    Those are really cool sandals, although l might only tool the sides that can be seen.

  4. monikita777

    Such a beautiful idea and a great job Abby 🙂 Tks so much for the tutorial!!!

  5. Choya C

    Great video. I can’t wait to try this. They turned out crazy beautiful. Loving these tutorials- Thank you!

  6. Gracie Christian

    Amazing job Abby!! Such a great totourial! So glad to have an amazing woman to show us how to make such awesome products!! Go Abby!

  7. Jeff Hardenbrook

    Good video, and the music isn't anywhere near as distracting as some of the George Hurst videos. Sometimes I'd have to watch videos in two or three minute chunks because the cowboy hero music was so distracting I couldn't pick up on what he was trying to teach.

  8. Thom Graham

    Great tutorial! Abby is a wonderful representative of your company! I look forward to seeing and being helped by her everytime I go to her store!

  9. Tanya Dubrul

    I wish I could produce videos for your channel! These how-to's & the artist features especially are super awesome, corny music and all 😉

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