I’m a Man Lick #2 (Chicago – Guitar Lesson with TAB)


  1. Backtoshallabal

    Mark is it possible to record harmonies with a looper pedal? I want to record some Boston songs.

  2. Jim M

    great lesson. I read once read that Hendrix told Kath that he( Jimi) thought that he was a pretty good guitarist, but considered Kath an exceptional guitar player.your lessons are exceptional!thx.

  3. Jon Komatsu

    Yeah, many forget how great a guitar band Chicago was at the beginning, the Terry Kath years. He could play some pretty wild stuff! Thanks!

  4. David Parry

    YES. You're crushing it Mark, just so cool to see really. And also I wanted to know what you thought of that Al Green performance with Chicago if you've watched or not. Have a wonderful day mi amigo 😀

  5. Steve Douglas

    Wow Mark, I didn't know you're working on a lesson for 25, or 6 to 4 by Chicago featuring the late, great Terry Kath on lead. The best version of that lead in my opinion is on their original cut of the song. In any event, kudos to you for undertaking the task. I was in high school when it came out and to this day terry's solo in that song is one for the ages. The wah wah pedal — the whole thing is brilliant. Thanks for all you do Mark.

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