5 Speed Picking Tips – Speed Picking Exercises


  1. N Snow

    Thank you so much Stephanie for this lesson. I have been struggling to learn speed picking. This explains a lot.

  2. Zemed Tirunew

    Supper EXCELLENT tips!!!! Thank you so much, these are the most valuable tips I ever found on YouTube. Thumbs up!

  3. skyflyer

    great playing. nice guitar. I couldn't play one without the dots on the fretboard

  4. Jonny Franc

    Excellent playing technique.
    My biggest stumbling block for me, as well as practically everyone else, lol, is the moving from string to string. One can go a million miles an hour on one string then crash on the next. There's so much analysis on how to do that, many with differing methods. I find that every player who can really play fast has their own particular way they were able to achieve it and doesn't necessarily apply to everyone.
    Pick slant this way, that way, don't slant this way, that way….
    Some say the 'play slow before play fast' doesn't necessarily work because once you go fast your muscle/movement technique needs to change …. Kinda like an animal going from walk to trot to full gallop. …so you should be emphasizing pushing the speed from the beginning. In that, emphasizing too much of the 'slow' is reinforcing muscle memory that won't be used in order to play fast.
    There's the tight/micro movement folk, but then you have arguably the most articulate speed picker on earth, Steve Morse, flailing away at the strings from inches away, lol.
    I guess the best thing to do is check out all these different methods and see what works for yourself and your unique musculature. 🙂

  5. 99% ways to die

    hi there im not too familiar with doing alternate picking when i go down to the lower string….wouldnt be better to use economic picking ?
    3:45 (i guess not cause you are much faster than me…)
    but share thought about whats better please (not in this excercice…but in general)
    thanks !!! awesome lesson !!

  6. MetalSammie

    You are one of the people especially Females becouse many boyfriend but they settings and ieas so "it sells" and you are genuine good not those fake … Kudos for you, yiu are maybe only guitar player at youtube who i will subscribe. I hate those who have multiple cameras andd everything is "perfect " sstups, ans those are so phoney, i dont gear how pretty somebody are , NO FFUCNG WAY that dont work me, the real passion and inside and talent wins 100-0! =-)

  7. Theodore Bearer

    I especially like how her fingernail polish is color coordinated with her guitar.

    Great tips!

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