All Along The Watchtower Guitar Lesson


  1. Brando Conway

    It's not in B minor. It's C# tuned down a half step. You can't even play the simple rhythm part properly ­čśé Up the road ya cunt

  2. Page Plant

    uhm,…I didn't think was marty….and this is a bad lesson for anyone who wants to actually play the friggin song

  3. bakikatana

    @SaskueSucks Yeah you can, it's just that there isn't anyone who can do it, as far as I know at least

  4. TrIsTaNPeRoDeAu

    @pezrey2002 huh what's the mater would canadian be less good at guitar lol if that's what you think well your wrong dumb ass american faggot

  5. Sir Luis

    easy song but if you play the exact notes Hendrix did you would need ten hands unlike this easy version

  6. Rhy Xero

    You´╗┐ say Lady Gaga, I say Led Zeppelin
    You say Hannah Montana, I say Beatles
    You say Owl city,´╗┐ I say Deep Purple
    You say Jonas´╗┐ Brothers, I say The Rolling´╗┐´╗┐ Stones
    You´╗┐ say Justin Bieber, i say´╗┐´╗┐ Queen
    You say Taylor swift, i say´╗┐ Guns´╗┐ & Roses
    95% of teens these´╗┐ days listen to the same´╗┐ crappy´╗┐ pop songs´╗┐ over and over. if´╗┐ your one of the 5% left´╗┐ who still listen´╗┐ to real music, thunb´╗┐ this up,´╗┐ then copy and paste it´╗┐ to´╗┐ least 5 video's. DONT LET THE´╗┐ SPIRIT OF ROCK&ROLL DIE

  7. Widmarkz

    lol fail video … dont know the song … doesnt tune his guitar, btw hendrix plays in 0,5 or 1 flat if im right … doesnt even use a stratocaster … WTF

  8. psour33

    that' Dylan's version and it's good, hendrix did the lame one

  9. curio1020

    Everyone seems to forget that it goes to the 4 chord fourth time

  10. Luke Z

    do you think you could do the solos from the song thanks great video:)

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