David Lee Roth/Steve Vai Skyscraper Guitar Solo Lesson


  1. Winn Hall

    R these the same Steve Vai settings for the THR10X in your other video on Steve Vai settings? 🎸 great job πŸ‘ Oh, Love this guitar. I'm trying to decide between this & the Jem 77P. I love the EVH guitars… so I know I will like the Charvel. I have never played a Jem. Just curious what you prefer? Thx

  2. Ian Edwards

    Steve Via is a genius, in the true sense of the word, so bravo Cam. I might try and tackle this in another life.

  3. Steve Shaw

    Boy, how do you do that by ear? I struggle with three or four notes.

  4. The Atomic Punk

    Di love this song and album, it’s one of my top fave albums along with fair warning

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