Folk Fingerstyle 1 (Guitar Lesson TE-021) How to play


  1. elvensith001

    Now, I know this is just examples 1 & 2– but I noticed the thumb always plays ON the beat, and not the downbeat. Very useful for me to realize this.

    Excellent video. Trying to teach myself guitar beyond just strumming chords.

  2. Benjamin Moore

    My god father, who is dying of CHF, a-Fib, had open hear surgeries, he is from east Tennessee. I used this vid to be a teacher myself and get em finger pickin again. Justin, you have made a dying man a happy man, free for us, giving him hope and joy again. Thankyou. Ben M, Nashville, TN

  3. C-los M

    The main concept behind fingerstyle picking is PIMA, Pulgar (thumb), Indice (index), Medio (middle), Anillo (ring), which basically means: the thumb is responsible for plucking the bass strings (4th, 5th, 6th strings), index plays the 3th string, middle plays 2nd, ring finger plays 1st string. I think you do a great job.

  4. Singlerity

    Is is a bad thing if u use all of your fingers on you right hand when doing this fingerstyle? I have always used my thumb only on the two lowest strings.

  5. Tommy Cachimuel

    example one is exactly the same as the type john Lennon used for songs such as julia and look at me, great examples

  6. screechandmoan

    Excellent lesson sir! Thank you very much for these, I'm going to slowly work my way through all of them. I mainly play "hard rock" stuff mixed with some ambient mellow sounds, so this'll DEFINITELY be a nice change of pace.

  7. Trevor Appleton

    I try and try this and just give up it sounds so 'jerky' de de de de deee de de de de de deee etc and not like any fingerpicking I here at the clubs I go to – where am, I going wrong?

  8. RustyWoud

    it does help with strumming and picing without using a plectrum, but its all down to preference

  9. Goosious

    Does it help to have long finger nails (ive just started guitar)

  10. Harry Cossey

    you can use barre chords to have A and D chords on 6 strings. If you cant do barre chords then this lesson is not for you

  11. James Donovan

    also, how would I play an E minor in fingerstyle when my left hand is fingering all bass notes and most of these patterns simply start with a bass note and end on the bass note. thanks for any help im obviously struggling.

  12. James Donovan

    Someone help me please. With fingerpicking chords, how do I approach different chords using the same picking "pattern"? Foe example, how can the same picking pattern express an E minor, D, and A? An E minor chord uses all 6 strings, the A uses 5 strings, and D uses 4. The patterns I'm learning have 6 beats. Say I'm using a pattern with 6 beats to play a D chord–which strings would I pluck other than strings 1-4 to complete the pattern and why?

  13. selectivevisions

    any folk fans with a few minutes please check out the video by 4square on my channel they are a local manchester 4 piece from the U.K many thanks

  14. Michael Pfeiffer

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  15. Tom Sherwin

    Nothing better then sitting in a perfectly still evening hearing myself making these sounds. Great help, thanks mate.

  16. HeyZeus096

    I was going to describe it but you did way better of a job than I would have 😀

  17. HeyZeus096

    If I'm not mistaken the first pattern he shows is called Travis picking, it's what Kansas uses in Dust in the Wind.

  18. tonyu49

    It's great if you can play with the flesh part of your finger (as Mark Knopfler does) but many pro' guitar players have nails like Justin or acrylics if their nails aren't strong. If it's how you earn your living, you do whatever works for you.

  19. IDR2005

    Hee hee hee! He calls it his 'M' finger I call it my 'P' finger : 0

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