Guitar Lessons Solo – Iron Maiden Aces High Solo Slowed down scales


  1. Renaissance Man

    Wow I never knew Erich was a shredder! Cool vintage video before Erich got old with grey hair!

  2. TheOneZenith

    So I'm continuing watching your videos from oldest to newest, though when a brand new one is posted or I'm having trouble with something I'll click over to that. Vivian had a great practice today, she didn't even need any prompting and just went over there on her own after I got home from work. She's starting a simplified version of Greensleeves, mostly finger picking with a few three string chords, along with the rest of the songs she knows.

    Today I caught a bit of your live stream during my lunch break but you know how work is and I had to cut and run. The community and yourself have both clued me into a few things I can do to relive my joint and muscle issues. Thanks again to you for your reply and to the couple other members of your community(Static and Matthew Walker). Cruising around Youtube I found some more stretches that seem to help.

    At practice today I was pretty much able to do my first bar chord, a Bm, while slowly playing Connor Savage's(savageminstrel on Youtube) rendition of A Health to the Company. A lot of his songs are on my list to learn and the way he played was just so melancholy that it was mesmerizing. I figure if I get a bunch of traditional songs in my repertoire, any occasion to play will be enjoyable for everyone. Plus anyone who decided to record and upload a jam session at a family gathering wouldn't get hit by a copyright strike! lol

    Really though, thanks for your channel Erich. You're a great help and I'll gladly accept your advice whenever you're willing to give it. I'll also probably continue to kinda blog my progress by commenting on your videos, figure it'll get your channel out to more people that way.

  3. rikkilee64

    u play really good , but all those boxes and pop ups are so annoying man

  4. tenneseestud

    @yourguitarsage finally someone else understands! Deans are HORRIBLE! I play a jackson, and its 10000000000X better, and Ive played a Kramer, its just an orgasm with pups and strings 😀

  5. YourGuitarSage

    @KrazyKoral2468 HAHA!!! This guitar is a classic Metal guitar. I have never played a Dean that did not suck. Play an old Charvel or Kramer like this and you will never play another Dean. It's not about the look, it's about tone and how it plays.

  6. Jebus Adams

    yea there really aren't any vids that explain the last part of dave's solo. but i have a good resource, maybe when i get pretty good at it i'll post somethin'. its the somewhat off timing between the notes that really makes it tricky

  7. Sgt Reed

    Could you please post/pm me a tab of that lick at 0:14 – 0:18? I can't find the correct tab anywhere. I'd really appreciate it!

  8. YourGuitarSage

    Yes, I think it was 80% on SlowGold. And yes, you are correct, Murray uses the open E for that one lick. I was being lazy!


    Good played bro ! But not slowed down…
    the 10sec part sounds like, but its not the way murray does studio version…
    he does:
    8-0-5-0-8-7-5-0.. and on… so not like it was
    8-0-5-0-7-0-5-0 or tapping at Bstr
    13-5-10-5-12-5-10-5 an on….

  10. YourGuitarSage

    You are correct. With Blues and some other more dynamic styles however, you can get different tones by pulling down on your volume. In my case, the volume is always on 10, but has become a habit of turning up because I always want more gain. I noticed this while watching myself play on these videos too. Very funny to see oneself do this type of thing. It makes it look like I am changing my volume, but I'm actually not.

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