Guitar Q&A : Fake Nails For Guitarists – Guitar Lesson [QA-005]


  1. alderete74

    Definitely trying this. I have the same problem. Can you address how this affects the health of the nail/

  2. Carbon Crank

    I did that for a long time. With gel nails I found the scratched and became rough enough to make the string bark, and they kept breaking because I do more than play guitar. I broke on on vacation in florida and found someone to fix it and was telling him of the roughness problem and breaking to easy. He said he could easily fix that and he did. He added a layer of hard liquid acrylic on top an on the tip. The stuff you have to harden under UV light.

    I creates a smooth as glass finish that was very hard and made the nail stronger.

    I played for years that way and it added a dimension to the way I could play but in the end 2 problems made me take them off. One is that when I moved I had trouble finding someone who knew what they were doing and could speak enough English to do them exactly the way I wanted.

    The other was I had used straight picks for decades that were somewhere between the equivalent of a fender thin and a fender medium. Specifically a Dunlop Tortex .50 mm or a .60 mm. The point is they had some flexibility to them. Playing with fake nails is like play with a hard pic. There is no flexibility in the nail. There is no way to duplicate the attack of a flexible pic with fake nails.

  3. notthere83

    Kind of sad that you published this in 2015 and still feel like it's some weird/big deal to get your nails done.
    If builders were to walk past and give me funny looks, I'd sneer back at them for being such uptight cunts.

  4. Arnieus

    It's not getting your nails done, its glueing guitar picks to your fingers.

  5. Jawbone

    I do mine as well and have for many years. Brent Mason, Johnny Hiland and many others do there nails as well. I wear them into the quick if I don't do them in acrylic

  6. Dan Hawk

    I play country guitar every weekend and fake nails are essential on my index and third finger- along with with my thumb pick to get the sound I need. Real nails can't hold up at all. It's what separates the wanna-be's from the real players. I've done gels and glue ons- they would last one gig and break- sometimes not even a full gig. This was good information to watch how he built up the compound. My girlfriend was a bit weirded out at first, but she got over it! Thanks Justin!

  7. william cutts

    Any tips for aftercare with these nails? Just got some in and I want them to last as long as possible, absolutely great, thanks Justin!

  8. LJ Fennell

    You can still play with a pick even if you grow out your nails right?

  9. Pete Derouin

    James Taylor does his own nails which could save you money. Search youtube for "James Taylor nails 101" and the video will pop up.

  10. Lee Tantum

    I do exactly the same mate!!! I'm so used to them now, that playing without them just doesn't feel right

  11. Malevolence

    No offense justin but your hands are fugly! But they play beautiful music.

  12. Government Shill

    But how easy are these to take off? Or is it not worth the trouble? I'm a looking for someway I can only wear these when I'm playing guitar.

  13. David Fletcher

    I think this is more common than we know – Not just for nails which wear easily but for odd shaped nails which can really interfere with accurate picking.

  14. Ειρήνη Μαραγκάκη

    I can't see the big fuss about it,it looks really natural and like them being your real nails,nothing feminine or weird.Nice Justin,me as a girl I love long nails but I have to keep my left hand's short.But I make the most of my right hand's nails <3

  15. acbulgin2

    A full two minutes or more of mostly a discussion of masculine hangups as they pertain to traditionally female pursuits such as going to nail salons, and then a sped-up presentation with a gibberish voice-over of the actual artificial nail application procedure wherein we cannot hear what is actually being done or what is going on. Now what is the point in that? It is not instructive. If it is supposed to be entertainment, it fails. So what is it? A piece of plastic that is glued to the real nail, and then layers of acrylic mixed with solvent and applied by brush? I can't tell what it is and why it is happening or what things I would need to know if I were to pursue this course in the search for better guitar player's nails.

  16. Simon Simon

    You should get a really long one on your pinky. Then people will think you're a cokehead as well as a fag.

  17. J Voll

    My nails are thin and quite flexible. Now that I'm almost 60, they are getting very thin. They do grow pretty fast though, but I do a lot of mechanical work and they get destroyed often. Is it possible to use just the acrylic on my natural nails to toughen them up and make them thicker? I've been playing fingerstyle for many years now, (although not very well, which is why I'm watching lessons now) and gave up on using my nails long ago. I consider it a fluke and stroke of luck when I do try to play and they are long enough to hit the strings, but I also know that won't last long. I've always thought it would be great if there was something that I could put on them to make them thicker and stronger.

  18. m. miller

    How long do they last? What happens when your natural finger nail grows. Do many girls hit on you?

  19. václav hanusekv

    I´m probably the lucky one because my nails are probably strong. They definitely dont broke. I file them with file and two smoother sand papers and its good. And nails are free 😀 But it would be fun to be in saloon 😀
    my teacher is using his nature nails too.

  20. Nicole R

    My pathetic stumpy excuses for fingernails never get a chance to grow. 🙁 Biting my nails has been my worst habit for years!

  21. Devin Hayes

    I'm gonna do the same thing but I'm gonna get fabulous nails. might as well go all the way

  22. Adam Howell

    I have very weak fingernails which I also sometimes bite. I've never had the opportunity to even try and play with my fingernails. I've always used bare skin or a pick. This does seem a little drastic as I'd be experimenting with a new play style that might not suit me and would require repeated maintenance if I decided to make it a normal aspect of my playing.

  23. angie

    I wanna get fake nails for my sake but I'm afraid i won't be able to play with longer nails lmao

  24. Trea Hak

    That's a quite long duration for just a few fingernails! 😀

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