How to Play Dirty Work on Guitar – Steely Dan Song Lesson


  1. bradley amor

    nice way you teach John i understand perfectly what your doing if i could just remember ,i don,t want to do tab if not necessary

  2. Sean Kearney

    For me this is perfect. You talk about the progression. The melody. The key. What goes with what. Not to fast not gruelingly slow

  3. barneycarparts

    Nice Gibson DOT BTW. Hey did you know Ultimate Guitar tabs shows a non C# but a C for this song? No matter; a guitar hack can appreciate both. I can see your Hendrix persuasion and appreciate it. But, I lean more to the original slow dreamy drift. Its all good stuff bro. I know you have connections to Steely Dan and that's the way they play it so I cannot argue, artists are weird. they (males) tune to Eb because its easier to sing in Eb. F is harder for males to sing for some reason. C is the female choice.

  4. gtarman62

    Nice playing, but you should know better there is no c flat in music, It is B , Rock On

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