How to Play I’m Eighteen on Guitar – Alice Cooper Song Lesson


  1. Thomas Caruso

    your a great teacher. you really take the time to show how to play it right..thank you. great video.. I'm subscibing

  2. Richard Bogart Burke

    I did not want to subsribe to another guitarist site, but you have a good line. Thank you..I forgot, what kind of guitar is that?

  3. paul cooper

    oh one of my favourites i love how you easierly explain everything nice lessons.

  4. I Em Hoo I Iz

    I'm just going to bookmark this for now. I love this tune. I like the greatest hits version. I got the album from the Columbia Records record club when about 17 or so (sadly for them I didn't honor my commitment, but anyway, I'm sorry Columbia, and anyway, I still listen to the tune, although I am 58. I listen to it once or twice a week with my good headphones on after my work shift while drinking coffee or beer. It puts me in a good mood immediately. I know it is about angst, but it is also about promise for change and the possibility of better. I think anyway. Alice might disagree. I don't know or care. I play a classical these days but am interested in all genres and would like to try this on my nylon string while singing. Thanks and Cheers, David from Buffalo NY, The best city in the whole world.

  5. B Duff

    Thanks Great lesson.Any plans to finish it up please?

  6. Chris W

    Great job, Stepahanie! Good tone, too. And yup, one of my fav Alice tunes!

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