Mercy, Mercy, Mercy


  1. wikichris

    Love how there is a lot going on but you music with the gaps breath. Amazing arrangement.

  2. Fabio Grech

    Kit this is just fantastic – what a grove you have going on. This is my next little project – if I can get just half as good I'll be happy!

  3. Margaux Bouchegnies

    I remember in fourth grade when my elementary school band played this song, I was playing clarinet and had never heard "mercy mercy mercy" before. I found your video on youtube and watched it over and over again, completely mesmerized each time. I wasn't truly aware of what jazz "was," and this video seemed like the most magical thing to ever exist. Now I've become a jazz fanatic and as a junior in highschool play upright bass in my school's advanced jazz trio. Thank you for inspiring my subconscious musical brain to pursue jazz/groove!

  4. oldesttimer

    simply put , EXQUISITE !  played as it should be …..the finest rendition I have ever heard … with a wes Montgomery sound….or was it barney kessel ?….no matter , you topped em all KIT ! …thanks for posting ! you played a few chords I have forgotten …I am so rusty …you made my day, …week …month…year !

  5. Kit Garoutte

    I've added the intro section for this version of Mercy, Mercy, Mercy as played here at If you have any trouble with the link just go to my facebook page ( and look in the photos to find an album for TAB for this song. This recording and associated TAB are NOT FOR SALE. They are freely available for Educational Purposes ONLY. Thanks for listening!

  6. Kit Garoutte

    You can now go to and look in the "TAB files" photo album to access a first basic TAB version with some pertinent details. I will be updating with TAB that's more specific to the performance you see and hear here as I am able to get time to do it. (Hear, hear!! LOL) Enjoy!

  7. Kit Garoutte

    I really appreciate all the great comments and support! So I'm going to provide some help for learning my arrangement as soon as I reasonably can. Stay tuned y'all!

  8. Mark Colella

    Just bumped into this on the Tube because I am just now learning this great tune.  Great sounds and great soul.  Excellent bass backing line.  Makes you want to melt!  Your playing set the bar where is should be!

  9. George Bednarczyk

    Hi Kit.  Just got back from "The Wolf of Wall Street", which has this tune very much up front. I've love this tune forever but never played around with it so I was Googling around and found your take on it and I've been humbly trying to steal as much as I can from you.  What a great groove!  If you wouldn't mind posting a few of the cool chords you're using to spice it up, I'd be grateful.  If not, no worries, thanks for putting this up anyway…a long time ago but never old!

  10. jrp1

    I've absolutely fallen in love with this version. I've been playing it myself; saw this and realized how far I've got to go…..

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