Pentatonic Scale Guitar 5 Positions | How To Read Pentatonic Scale Guitar


  1. Gamer guilder

    Yes! ty! im trying to teach myself through your lesson in order to be able to play exactly like you teach. Thanks!!

  2. Campfire Guitar Star

    Here’s the topics we covered in today’s lesson: How To Read Pentatonic Scale Guitar

    0:52 Start
    1:58 Overview of the incoming lesson
    3:10 How to read scale and chord charts
    5:57 Test your tab skills!
    8:19 How to read scale charts with specific fingerings
    14:00 PART 2 Shapes and Hot-zones of each shape
    14:23 4 Techniques for Lead Guitar
    17:15 E minor pentatonic 1st position
    23:00 Learning 2 Scales at the same time
    24:28 Eminor Pentatonic Position 2/G major pentatonic position 1
    27:38 E minor Pentatonic position 3/G major pentatonic position 2
    30:41 E minor Pentatonic position 4/G major pentatonic position 3
    32:45 E minor pentatonic position 5/G major pentatonic position 4
    36:58 Get them down in the higher positions!
    37:05 Recap

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