1. Ajil Raj

    Bro I brought my guitar toady. And I am a right handed. Enoda left hand ah use panirathu kastamah Eruku. Chorad nenga sonathu Mari try panah. Enaku place mentally kastamah Eruku.. Actually nenga palm guitar ooda neck LA touch Aga kodathunu soninga. Anh Enaku Anty place ment kastamah Eruku. And Enoda fingers ah place panirathu kastamah Eruku especially my ring and last small finger.. Guide me bro.

  2. Murugesan DMNS

    Hello sir I am harish ur performance is super .in my guitar the keys are not in normal because in my childhood I screwed it so please tell me how to make normal it .because it cannot play like ur guitar .so please tell how to normal the guitar keys.

  3. manikandan m

    Enakku age 46, kidar engitta illai,neengal ungal kidar old accoustic guitar il katru tharuveergala? Chennaiyil engu ulleergal.

  4. keerthana selvam

    Bro plzz say how to tune a new guitar(the same model u have)..ur class is really good ..upload more videos

  5. thamil arasu

    this is really useful for begineers easy way of teaching east to understand ………..all the best bro

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