Blues Lick: Robben Ford Style (Guitar Lesson BL-542)


  1. Pavlin Rusev

    +JustinGuitar  Hello Justin! I'm not sure if you have any Gary Moore Style licks, but if you don't do mind showing us some, because, man he is awesome! Thanks!

  2. idir yahiatene

    Make a guitar lesson for : Chester see_God damn you're beautiful! Thank you man keep up the good work you're inspiring me!

  3. rcoveyduc

    Some real similarities to Slash's Withered Delilah.  Both great licks. 😀

  4. Andrew Proudman

    I got a ukulele recently… your lessons help alot… even though i don't play guitar but this is awesome. ..

  5. BookofIsaiah (Matt B)

    Great idea about finding the repeating phrases and stuff!  Another great lesson, Justin!!!
    Would you consider doing any lessons on Rick Derringer / Edgar Winter Group?

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