Fly Me to the Moon/Lucky Mashup – Rick Hale feat. Breea Guttery — Guitar Tutorial


  1. Ng Edmond

    Sorry for the stupid question, May I clarify the beat, is it 1-2-3-4& and what is the timing for changing chords?

  2. M M

    hi…it was your mashup I played OVER and OVER while learning FMTTM, love it
    thank Jimi on the thumb

  3. Jiaqi GUO

    I totally like your songs, really good job!!! but could you pass the music sheet of the piano part? and I also want to in which key you play this songs? thanks very much!!!

  4. b l

    great song! i dont know which chord variations to use though :/ able to help?

  5. Yolo Gamer 771

    If I just need the track without the voice, can you upload a video? plis, it's for school…

  6. Clint W

    sorry just starting out guitar. Im trying to pause it over and over but its tough to keep up. So I heard the chords C minor ,A minor 7, d minor 7, and g13, C major, and g sharp diminished?

  7. Honorine Ishimwe

    could you please share the chords for a beginner like me? cant find all of them. thanks for the nice mashup!

  8. FHDTV

    Your channel is pretty cool! You and my dad have the same name, you both do music, and you both have a channel so they always get mixed up haha. His channel is as well Rick Hale

  9. ding barretto

    Thanks for sharing…I'm one of your fans. I'm going to play it with my daughter 🙂

  10. Brian Matthew Songco

    Appreciate the upload! What is that chord you're playing from 0:120:14? I'm playing it as I see it with a tuned guitar but it just doesn't sound right.

  11. Fried Beer

    Amazing tutorial! its sad how you didn't blow up from the video tho
    🙁 . Also, do you plan of making 2 seperate covers from this mashup? i think itll be amazing being able to listen a song better than the original 😉

  12. Sion Tran

    um can you specifi where the left hand fingers go i dong know how to read notes

  13. Irvin García

    awesome tutorial! Thank you. nice mashup and good harmony you two have while singing

  14. Phillip Isayev

    I feel like you taught literally everything about this except the actual chord names

  15. Blake Wayment

    so awesome man thank you for this! and when exactly did fly me/lucky absolutely BLOW UP with views??

  16. Agathe Charbon

    Big fan of your work! So happy you did a tutorial of your Mashup! I'm going to try it on my guitare too. I absolutely ADORE it! Keep it going!!

  17. James Flamm

    probably my favorite version of this song/these songs. Makes me smile every time it shuffles up in the mix.

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