Guantanamera guitar lesson with TAB (original version)


  1. Modernized Frank

    You should label the notes you are hitting its hard to see which fingers are up and are on the strings

  2. gareth griffiths it.been practicing this for a few days now.I can't read music so this is a god send.
    Thank you for posting this

  3. dt

    I am a beginner so maybe stupid question — can you play this whole things using the chord shapes for G, C and D7? That's what it looks to me you are doing? Also, thanks!

  4. kragskov54

    No comments? Unbelievable! I'll start it off by saying this is the best lesson for this classic on the tube. Just what I was looking for. You can start here and build on it. Thank you Deaktee; nicely done.

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