How to Play Pretzel Logic on Guitar – Full Steely Dan Song Lesson


  1. M. Black

    So I thought you were playing that all wrong and what could you possibly been hearing. Then I went back and listen to that song and was amazed that I was hearing it totally different and you were right on it. Well done!!!! I guess I have to find a keyboardist now.

  2. John Hancotte

    The 9th bar of the verse should really be:
    D/E E/A C/D D/G
    They don't lay well on guitar but the guitar should only be concerned with strings 4-1 here. The bass will cover the low notes.

  3. john k.

    great lesson. trying to learn a much Dan as possible since Walter is gone. love the 335. got one in tobacco burst, but i wish it was red.

  4. Greg Hall

    What a wonderful and professional presentation! You're personality and demeanor make learning so fun! I love the attitude of encouragement too. I just subscribed. Thanks man!

  5. barneycarparts

    I like it. Thanks for doing this video. I watched it 6 times. One thing I would say is; Play the first 8 bars with a backing track.Always…..Hint… Overview first then the details. if you would sing the words, you have a nice voice. Then, I would get the rhythm and the groove sooner. I do the same A7th with the thumb over. Great jazz pattern for Moondance too. I think there is a great need for quickie campfire songs that just are simple and get you going so it only takes 2-4 hours for us old guys to get the riff n chorus down. As Tom Pettys band said "don't bore us get to the chorus" . After all Its the "hook" chorus that gets us loving the song. Truly appreciative for your help and contribution. It's very very helpful. Keep it up. Love you man.

  6. bzrdbrew

    I just "rediscovered" this song, blown away by the lyrics and rhythm… how cool to find a lesson on how to play along. Thank you!

  7. Max Lamboy

    hmm, I think I hear those mu(no third stack of 4ths) at the same time during the E11-Amaj, D11-Gmaj section?

  8. brian shive

    Thanks. mista335 should be spelled Missed-a-335. The Dan has keyboards, horns and lots of additional harmonies that do not get played by guitar. Maybe Missed-a-335 was saying you did not play both the guitar and piano parts. Shame on you.

  9. Bob Lewis

    Nice lessons my friend.. Thanks for all your hard work to bring these to us…Keep them coming…

  10. Buddy Martin

    Steely Dan is great, how about Deacon Blues for your next Steely Dan tune…

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