How to Play Single Notes – Beginner Guitar Lesson – Susan Mazer


  1. Alex Stavi

    for the noob inside me: the finger should be on that metalic bar (fret? ) or between the bars? she put it right after the fret..i'm confused

  2. Samson Urbano

    all she said was put your finger where she tells you (lmao) single string note definition.

  3. Amit Agrawal

    hello Susan..I am from India and had a great passon for music specialy guitar…..but I don't know to play it at all..but after watching your this video is think I can play it.and I bought a guitar after watching your videos…the way u teach is really so cool….but plz tell me from where can I found all ur videos from beginning and from 1st lessson to expert …I want to learn guitar from u Susan…plz help me

  4. Germaine Nimundele

    wait, what did she just teach?? I came here to learn some simple notes. all she did was tell us to hold random strings and that's about it. and she said go make music now?? with what?? you need chords to make music.

  5. Monty Gamer

    Needs to say what note it is and show the representation on music sheets.

  6. Pool HaZard

    lol you didn't mention the notes how firm your fingers need to be or what the note of the string was. come on😂

  7. Taijitu KGryphon

    I can't play the notes 🙁
    When I place my finger where you tell me, the guitar doesnt make a sound. I am trying not to press hard either!

    Please Help!

  8. Norma Gilbert

    It didn't work I think I lost my pick or I didn't toon it right can you make a video how to toon it for me I'll subscribe!

  9. Nova Kurtz-Murray

    Are these not sustains tho? I always thought that with single notes you had to mute it in some way to stop the sound?

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