How to Play the Classical Guitar for Beginners : D, E, & F Exercises for Classical Guitar


  1. Dan

    Nope, a 4 slice toaster oven… Close though..

  2. Brittney High

    im not sure why so many people are saying this is so difficult.. he's using three notes, each on the D string. D open, D 2nd fret, D 3rd fret.. (he did say this on the vid). simple, even for me, who completely sucks at guitar so far..

  3. Curtis

    It's too difficult for beginners to understand and too simple for an already accomplished guitarist to even bother playing

  4. guitarfreak512

    @chrisysmith51 Maybe he just has pride in the south…And it isn't uncommon to be bald.

  5. guitarfreak512

    @tom6612 Just because he's wearing a confederate shirt doesn't mean he's a skin head.

  6. tom6612

    This guy looks like he burns crosses when he's not giving guitar lessons.

  7. tom6612

    Let me save you beginners from a lot of trouble and wasted effort. Get yourself a copy of the Julio S. Sagreras classical guitar method. It use to be 7 separate books and now Mel Bay has published it as 2 separate books. There is no other method that comes close to it. It progresses you very slowly, methodically and logically using beautiful melodies. It also gives complete information on position and proper right hand finger use.

  8. Chris Smith

    why do you have a confederate flag on your shirt? Are you a supporter of the south? The dead confederacy? Or a supporter of southern gentry and traditional values established by the white man. Or are you a racist? Because your bald head makes you look like a skinhead… especially with a confederate flag on your shirt… Great way to represent Expertvillage… HAHA SCHMUCK

  9. ronready66

    i cant follow cant see his fingers im a real beginner i know nothing yet

  10. venividio

    You look a lot like Ami, from Miami Ink, but without the tatoos ;D
    Thanks for the lessons!

  11. ZidaneDaMan10

    i can't really see his fingers that well, and he talks a bit fast…

    on to the next lesson…

  12. Corey Wiley

    Thanks for the info…helps dont listen to the jerks they dont know what they are talking about!

  13. Lionel Messi

    Dude, your lesson sucked. waste of 1:50 seconds of my time. You owe me 50 cents for wasting my time.

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