Learn How to Jam in Em Pentatonic


  1. natasico

    When I saw the video I had the same impression as you. I read your comment and I agreed, but in Hey Joe (hendrix), he plays Em, the base notes of the chords make an Em, but when he plays E, he plays it major.
    PS. Im no expert

  2. Del Puckett - Guitar

    You are playing a 5-4-1 progression in E major yet you are playing an E "minor" scale? This is more suitable for the blue scale or an E "major" pentatonic (C minor pentatonic). Other pentatonic scales that will work for this particular chord progression are F# minor and G# minor. The E minor pentatonic scale will work "better" over a 5-4-1 progression in the key of G major. Try playing D-C-G using your same rhythm and then playing your E minor pentatonic … It should sound "more" correct.

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