Led Zeppelin – Going To California Guitar Lesson


  1. clout

    please do stranglehold or cat scratch fever! thanks for all the lessons you do, you’re the best and most reliable teacher on youtube

  2. R. Akers

    nice rendition, nice arrangement for the multi guitars.
    I used to do it in a modified dadgad on a 12 string… until my tendons gave out at 60.
    Now I am always looking for stuff like this that I can play on a de-tuned flat top.

  3. Ochir Erkhembayar

    Yeeeeeees finally a good lesson on Going to California :)) btw is it ok if i'm playing the thumb parts without my thumb? I find it more natural to hit the G string with my index finger and use my ring and middle for the E ad B strings.

  4. Navid Amraei

    Hey can you do some of the Marty Friedman solo stuff? Would be cool.
    Love your channel!

  5. Spoon

    Why don’t you try something unique like South Park theme song or that round about song ??

  6. TT04

    Carl please do a video of you showing all of your guitars! Would really like it since ive seen you play many guitars and would like to know what they are.

  7. Greg Hartnett

    How about some Paul Simon – Kodachrome would be rad. There's a couple vids out there, but none that would compare if you were to give it a shot.

  8. Dead

    Please do some more Megadeth like Peace sells, In my Darkest hour and Wake up dead

  9. Lizzie Battaglia

    Carl how do you always know the exact song I want to play in the very moment I want to play it

  10. TheLegend696

    Love it so much, now I just need to learn the finally original version, finally

  11. YashKnowsBest

    The madman did it. It’s gonna get copyrighted for being too close to the original , just watch.

  12. Buttfuse

    You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this and I appreciate it so much, thank you

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