Acoustic Guitar Backing Track In Eb Minor


  1. Ryan Crane

    This is bad ass man 🙂 I really enjoyed rocking out to this.
    P.S The first part of this Backing track sounds like the theme song in  JB Golden eye lol 

  2. eric gustin

    hmmm… im thinking more like the song electric chair by steelheart (the live version is on youtube and its bad ass)

  3. Sheldon Laney

    Hey can you send me a video or something on how you come up with these kind of tracks? Their great!

  4. Dave Newton

    Get the tabs up for the James Bond theme and play over this. Thank me later.

  5. Origin blahblah

    I just wrote a song for this. hahaha i use these to help myself get inspiration usually turn them off after a few min and start writing my own but just ended up writing an entire song for this lol maybe ill post once i record ^_^

  6. matt dallas

    I really like this, as I do with all your tracks, I was wondering what guitars do u use? Electric and acoustic

  7. Quinones

    sad that video responses will be removed in a few days. felt like finally putting one up to one of these vids. great track dude.

  8. themindofben

    Can you put the chords of the song in the description?
    It really helps form improvs!

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