Demi Lovato – Sober (Guitar Chord Lesson with Tabs)


  1. Pani Rahmawati

    Matt I'm so sorry, would you like to help me? I wanna send you a message but I can't send a private message in YouTube. So I just send this through a comment, I wanna do a cover Anxious by EZI, I've been looking for chords of that song in Google but I found nothing so I think you could help 😁 tysm

  2. Matthew Andres

    thank you for this ! can you please explain the last little riff you do ? i cant see the chords and i'd love to play it. thank you !

  3. Chris

    MATT, I love the new format, but it is tough to catch the little flourish thing your doing. I’m sure I’ll get it if I watch enough. Thanks for the video.

  4. Sky Smith

    This song breaks my heart but this cover was great!!!❤️❤️

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