Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio XII – repair & demo


  1. a.milosz7

    Gibson are a little pricey because they are assembled in the US. No cheap labor. Also, they take their time while getting the intonation and overall setup right, so you get a nice sounding guitar out of the box. Epiphones don't get that much attention but if you are into guitar setup you can fix this easily and have a great sounding guitar.
    I got another Epiphone to repair. This time a flying V. I wonder how well will it perform. The Goth is definitely a bang for the buck. No doubt.

  2. Jeffrey Osgood

    I have one which I just got over a week ago at Guitar Center . I'm 53 and have been playing for over 40 years and IMO, it's better than some of Gibson's overpriced crap.

  3. a.milosz7

    Nah, I would have been a Guitar God if it had the Pick of Destiny. The pick I have is probably something different. Every time I ware it I get +10 to guitar repairing skills, so that's kind of cool, but the pick itself does not help me play any tasty riffs 😉

  4. a.milosz7

    Thank you m/ It's a nice guitar. The tuning stability is very good. I had a lot of fun playing it. I consider this guitar money well spent, if you like the looks.

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