Habits of Buckethead


  1. juiced71

    you think paul gilbert was bucket heads trainer /influence ? sorry for all the posts id rather not edit lol

  2. juiced71

    great to see you made it out ok with the heart had a few friends who werent so lucky! somebody looking after ya ! rock on man!

  3. juiced71

    man i dig that intro you have rights to it? can i use it for an intro ? great stuff

  4. Shady Amgad

    I know will are going to need a whole series of these two but anyway: John Petrucci – Guthrie Govan

  5. Adrian Bam

    habits of:

    angus young/malcolm young
    bb king
    eric clapton
    yngwie malmsteen
    les paul

  6. Janko

    Sry but Buckethead has no habits. He is too diverse to be under category "habits".

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