How to Play “Mojo Working” – Guitar Lesson – Red Lasner


  1. Fred & Val

    Mojo Working is a great Blues and always good to get the audience involved. We love to play it too!

  2. TechHackerKa

    that was very helpful! 🙂 i wasn't looking for the song rather than new input, and man you got me some ;D thank you so much

  3. David Urbiztondo

    Thanks Red, had the tunes in my set , but now you gave me a new lead on things! I am a follower.

  4. Paul Nugent

    Red, feels like you are in the room with me teaching like a friend. So cool.

  5. William Riddle

    Red, I love your teaching technique and the cool style you play. I wish I could afford to enroll in your full course! I've picked up tons of stuff just from these Youtube videos! Thanks man!

  6. nonnel64

    hi to everyone… I'm looking for a song named Going to Yuka, or something like that..anyone knows it? It had a nice kinf of slinding chords but I can't remember who recorded it… Thanx and best wishes to everybody
    Red, excuse me for rubbing on your space.

  7. william fairby

    Hi Red, This is song I sing with my jamming friends, the way you play it is a real cool beat. I may change the way we play to get sound in your direction.

    Keep rockin

  8. mike golden

    man i keep playing by instinct ( joe walsh) trying to play the first groove lol,,,but i love it thanks

  9. Bob Blunn

    Another great lesson Red! As always, thanks for sharing and …
    Jam ON!

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