How to Play Tuesday’s Gone on Guitar – Lynyrd Skynyrd Song Lesson


  1. Kevin Johnson

    Hey could you teach it the way you would play it using the thumb chords? That sounded awesome!!!

  2. sunsetsilvy

    Stumbled across- slick- having trouble not like this beautiful lick more than Gary’s !-!!

  3. keith thunders

    I don't know if its because my fingers aren't strong enough but I really struggle to do the country bends where your pinky is barring the high e and b string. while you bend up on the g string. Any tips?

  4. Cygnus Snowdog

    nice lesson only issue I have is you spent five minutes describing basic chords and then 20 seconds showing the little Rifts that can be used to spike it up

  5. Allen Stowe

    What type of guitar are you using?  Is it a Fender telecaster thin line?  I love the tone and the color.  Good lesson also.  Thanks

  6. Scotty T.

    Thanks man , without getting too deep this song is dear to me and learning it has really helped me heal from a recent loss, keep up the awesome work !

  7. Dave Brewer

    Very , Very Nice Lesson Man . Love the Song and really appreciate your awesome Lessons on Youtube .

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