Mike Dawes & Az Samad – Blue Moon – Live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


  1. Sharon May

    Mike, Your awesome man =) I love to watch the expressions on your face as you play, you put your heart & soul into what you do &  this is what makes all your songs so good  …))) Good luck on your journey, you are headed to the top !! ♥

  2. Marzuki Khalid

    Thanks to you I've completed this song. but mike dawes seem to be playing a bit different from the original. but i love this version more.

  3. Az Samad

    Hi Saru Man, try looking for the tab of Tommy Emmanuel's version of Blue Moon – this is based on that. I learned it directly from Mike – he showed me how he played it and I figured out parts that would fit what he did.

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