Prelude No. 1 in D minor | Tarrega | Guitar Lesson | NBN Guitar


  1. joshua rogers

    Kia ora fellow guitarists. Unbelievably I managed to finish this video and get it uploaded just hours before I fly out from Djibouti back home to New Zealand. I'll see you in about 50 hours (that's the time it takes to get from Djibouti to New Zealand via a 24 hours layover in Qatar!) Smash the like button, subscribe, and let your fingers fly!

  2. Malie Az

    I do have one question perhaps wondering; a while back ago you uploaded the piece Gnossienne 1 by Satie, and you improvised some part of it. After looking at other videos online for the same piece, i think you made it alittle harder than originally when it was played. Im not questioning your talent btw, i am in no pisition to do that, i just simply wondering why you made that approach to complicate a simple piece?. For reference ill send you a link to that piece so you can see how easy it is played.

  3. Malie Az

    Hi Josh, thank you for this wonderful piece. Your talent and hard working will not go unnoticed.

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