Revival Of A Vintage Mandolin – A Work In Progress


  1. Fecske

    nekem is hasonló van,Leningrádban készült az is,csak 1990ben. szépen szól. visztont ennél kisebb.

  2. Zsolto66

    I am glad to hear that, thanks for the visit! In the meantime a real luthier has repaired the cracks and made a new bridge and saddle. It really sounds great now, I have a collab video featuring this instrument. I should learn how to play it properly, lol.

  3. Zsolto66

    Hi Eric, thanks for visiting my channel, my friend. You are always welcome 🙂 Yes, I like this mandolin a lot and I plan to use it in my future videos. I promise I won't touch a violin, though 😉

  4. Eric Frostic

    wow, very nice looking mandolin!! And i heard it already…nice sound too! i´m looking forward to hear it more often in upcoming videos… 🙂

  5. Philippe Salmon music

    the old one I have is from Napoli (Italy) and too much damaged to be repaired but I keep it because the round body is beautiful, but I have another newer one from tcheky (Cremona) not the best quality , but I can play it a little… 😉

  6. Zsolto66

    Yes, I was sorry to hear that, Phil — I thought maybe you have decided to repair it 🙂 This was a very sorry little thing when I first bought it but I hope to be able to play it soon.

  7. Zsolto66

    Thanks for the encouragement, Mike. Yes, I think this little bastard sounds just fine for a cheap thing made in a murky factory in the late Soviet Union. It holds tuning bravely and the cracks don't bother me at all. I ordered a new adjustable bridge for it but unfortunately it does not fit. This means I can start working on the song I had in mind using the makeshift bridge it has now. I plan to play some simple notes in the background. We'll see 🙂
    Take care,

  8. ShantyTones

    Great Job Cleaning It Up Zs..Im Far From Knowing Much About Mandolins.I Can Only Play a Handful Of Chords..And I Own One..But I Can Tell You This..If You String It Up..And The String Hold Tuning..Those Cracks May Not Be As Bad As They Look SoundWise..I Have Seen Professional Musicians Play Them..( Mandolins..Octave Mandolins..Tenor Guitars)..With Cracks And Even LARGE Holes In Them..And They Still Sound GREAT..I Guess It All Depends On Vibration..It May Sound Good..Best Of Luck With It..Mike..

  9. Zsolto66

    They are some tough little guys what with that narrow neck and tightly spaced strings but they have that lovely sound I plan to use in my future videos. Of course this is a piece of crap but a good (and affordable) way to see if we can work together.
    Thanks for watching 🙂

  10. laroccacounty1

    I am glad you posted this as i have a mystery guitar i am thinkin about puttin up on the tube. I would love ta get or even try a mandoline one day.

  11. Zsolto66

    Meglátjuk, mi lesz belőle, én is izgatottan várom 🙂
    Köszi, Papikám!

  12. Borza György senior

    Zsolto! Mester! Emellett nem lehet szó nélkül elmenni. Ezt is olyan jól csinálod, mint a gitározást. Akkor nemsokára a mandolin hangját fogjuk hallani? Gyönyörűen sikerült a felújítás. Már a látványa is megkapó. Szívből gratulálok! Vajon milyen meglepetést fogunk még megérni? Sok sikert kívánok! (Hűűűű, azannyát!) -:)

  13. Zsolto66

    Hey Phil, thanks for watching! I will post something I promise.
    Have a nice week-end!

  14. Philippe Salmon music

    very nice ! I also have an old mandoline , impossible to repair mine … I'd like to hear you play when it is done , good luck !

  15. Zsolto66

    Hey Mike, thanks for the visit 🙂 I will, hopefully soon!

  16. Zsolto66

    Hallo, liebe Anette, vielen Dank für den netten Komment. Ja, das Stück von Vivaldi ist wirklich schön, nur zu kurz — ich wollte etwas mit der Mandoline haben, musste aber von den Public Domain Soundtracks von YouTube wählen, sonst hätte ich Aerger mit den Rechtsschützer 🙂
    Liebe Grüße:

  17. 1catbob

    What a good find this was for you, Zsolt! I hope you can get it to play properly. Nice work so far. Good job producing the video.

  18. Mike Como

    Wow Z, she's beautiful you sure did a nice job I can't wait for you to play her in a video.

  19. Steve Bennett

    Well done Zs you've done a fine job…..look forward to hearing it sometime:)

  20. Zsolto66

    Hey James, thanks for your visit. You are right, it was great fun. We'll see what will come of it 🙂

  21. TboneWilson1978

    Well Zs, I would that that was five hours well spent and I bet you enjoyed every second of it. It looked like a professional job in the end mate. Congratulations buddy. P.s thanks for commenting on my recent videos my friend.

  22. Zsolto66

    Thanks, Don. This one smiled at me from the blurred photo in the ad and said: Hey, rescue me from boredom and dust!
    I am just trying to oblige 🙂

  23. Zsolto66

    Hi Tom, thanks for the kind comment. Well, I don't know how "handmade" these old Russian mandos are, but I am afraid they were more or less mass-produced, even if some of the work involved was done by hand. They are most certainly not "master class" instruments but may be better than some of the modern high-tech cheapos. After all, 54 years have passed and it is still playable. I will post something to let you hear how it sounds soon.

  24. Zsolto66

    Hey John, thanks for popping in. It was great fun to do it but it is even more fun trying it gingerly and hearing that I can produce the sound I was after. It will be a very nice addition to my music, I hope.

  25. MrPlatypus70

    Looks so much better! I hope to hear it soon…. someone who plays the open mic I play at brought in a really old mandolin that looked like this, belonged to their great uncle or something and it sounded great… now they have so much higher tech manufacturing, even overseas where the cost is lower, but some of the old hand made instruments were so well made!

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