Speed Picking 04 – Single String Scales with Mark McKenzie


  1. Nehal Shah

    Mark sir.
    Kindly correct me as im a beginner.
    Can this lesson of yours be called as practising for arpeggios ?

  2. Mark The Guitar Guy

    Start with the top string (fat E string)… and only learn the main notes (EFGABCD) the sharps and flats are real easy once you know the main notes.
    Get someone to test you by saying for eg. E….G….F…G…E….A… whilst you play those notes as quick as pos.
    Then add B then C etc until it's really fast instant. Once you have that string, move onto the 5th string (A) etc

  3. Jane Sharp

    Hi Mark – you are awesome and so kind for making these vids. I have a request – how on earth can I learn the notes on the fretboard ??? xo

  4. Mani

    Sir.a humble request pls make a video on just hand strumming…

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