Acoustic Guitar Fingerpicking lesson ala Extreme More Words


  1. chaserc9393

    1st percussive rhythm was off time. 2nd attempt, i threw my pick perfectly in between the strings into the guitar…..20 minutes later trying to get it out……3d attempt. ive got a long way to go…

  2. Freddy Lara

    thanks, you teached me the rhythm. i know the song but the way i played the rhythm seemed very simple and not sounding good…

  3. Austin Cox

    @consolerocks for a little over 300 bucks you can get an Art and Luthier cedar top with wild cherry sides that will sound just as good. Comes factory with nusq nuts and bridge just as the taylor does. As ever musician has $300 looking for a $1000 guitar 🙂

  4. sepeisa

    i feel obligated to thank you. For months i have been struggling really hard to understand basic things like strumming patterns or the fingerpicking you explained in this video. I was not only clueless but also frustrated and sad. Today i just saw three of your videos and i finally think i have the tools to break the wall that has been looming upon me. From the bottom of my heart thank you for allowing me to go forth.

  5. O F

    do u use different guitars i nevery lesson and how many gutiars do you own at home

  6. Tami K

    @rockongoodpeople I've always wanted to learn to play, I love acoustic. esp blues, but can't purchase a guitar… Watching you teach has made me hungrier to learn this art !(at the present, I beat up on a dejembe- easy enough !!) Hopefully I can engage in the many bon fires I so love to attend and be a part of our musical circle !!! I don't know how to play jack, but with this type of instruction, I'm sure I could at least master a few basic tunes !!! Thank you David T, keep it up !

  7. Siddhun Karthik

    The way you explain the things………it is making me to run at you with whole lots of songs, which I was trying to replicate the rhythm , finger picks which were played on its background@@@. You are really cool man ! I got to know many suspended chords from your lessons. Please don't stop yourself.
    Can you post some more small lessons on , Hammer on, Pull up notes playing styles in acoustic, if not posted still on youtube ?

  8. Susan Cote

    David thanks for all the great lessons. I started playing 10 months ago. I've learned so much from you .I watch you every day and do my lessons. I can now play "The House of the Rising Sun" and "Every Rose Has It's Thorn" and several 3 and 4 chord songs. My biggest problem is I don't like using the pick. I try, but i'm not comfortable with it. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, it sounds harsh and tinny when i use the pick. I can't seem to strum softly, any suggestions?

  9. ChosenMusician4Life

    you're awesome bro. I have a year playing acoustic guitar and i have learn a lot due to a lot of practicing. I would like to receive more guitar lessons from you. One question. What kind and model is the guitar you are using?

  10. Muzman58

    Lose the hat chief! Jerry Ried a noted actor and pretty damn good guitar player from a way back coined the phrase "CLAW" technique for his fingerpicking style. FYI.

  11. theberg988

    i thought this was a more than words lesson, i guess he doesnt know the right chords?

  12. ReneBrain

    @coolbizideas actually the E/b/e thing that he plays is a E5…if he hit the G string too than the whole chord becomes a E Minor Chord…but i guess he calls it E Minor because E Minor is a part of the G Major scale…i hope this is right :D, i am not a good music teacher, maybe it's wrong what i am typing here 😀

  13. rockongoodpeople

    hi – yes – we ship our dvds all over the world – no problem at all!
    take care and rock oN!
    David T

  14. Bianka B.

    1 question:
    Is it possible to buy the DVD of the song 'More Than Words' if you don't live in the USA???

  15. Sofi Lesquerre

    i love the way you teach =)
    and it's easy once you get it right!!
    thank you very much

  16. rockongoodpeople

    In this lesson I am using a Taylor GS5 – cedar top and tropical american mahogany back and sides
    rock oN!
    David T

  17. Neeraj Lodwal

    u r awesum dude……your lessons can make a nerd into a guitarist…..

    u r simply awesum…..ur guitar lessons are just a master piece….

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