BACKING TRACK – Pirates of the Caribbean – MAIN THEME [ Guitar ]


  1. Manoj G

    Thankyou for providing the backing track its Amazing!!!!.Watch Rock version with my guitar…

  2. Packboul

    Great backing track !! Is it possible to also have the chords used for it ?

  3. Francisco Hope

    Hi, thanks for asking
    Yes, as long as you mention in the credits the original link or directly to franciscohope dot c o m

  4. Maubixior

    Can you put online the tab of this video please ? It would be nice ^^

  5. Johnny Balvuena

    have you guys seen this one called pirtates meet rock by haytebune you wont be disupointed trust me seach pirates meet rock

  6. mik401

    Thats fantastic 😀 thanks now i can rock to this theme 😀 btw anychance of a download link to it? please

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