Bohemian Rhapsody Guitar Lesson Part 10 by Paul Rickett.


  1. phillip gunn

    Thank Paul,waiting on the next lesson.In the mean time I'll work on improving all the prior lessons

  2. lyle franklin

    cant wait to rap this thing up man. having alot of fun with it thanks alot for going through all the trouble of making these videos.

  3. Francisco Romero Papasideris

    Yes, Its wonderful to learn from other people over the world. Your very dedicated lessons help me a lot with some corrections of others tabs of this Queen version.Im practicing this song, so maybe I will upload my video. Thanks again for your patience of record so datailed every part of the song. Saludos amigo, suerte!

  4. PaulR387

    Thanks Panchocubo, means a lot to me when people from a great country like Chile are learning from my Lessons, Final Part coming shortly!! & then I want to see you play it!!, thanks again amigo……

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