Duelling Dreadnoughts / Quilted Mahogany


  1. floridamaury1

    Like John said, they both sound great but the rosewood just had something a little bit different that I liked, a lot. Great vid as always.

  2. Zeek Duff

    Completely subjective of course, but personally I think the rosewood would be better for solo guitar, it's a little warmer with a crisp high-end, the other for group playing to cut through the mess. Both sound very good. I prefer rosewood sides & back, hard to beat. I've had a number of them over the years, two on hand now, the busted Gibson (later this next week, should be done, I'll send pix), and a Martin D-42. Of course, my old hands don't do them justice anymore, but sometimes it's just nice to hear them speak. Nice video Mike, thanks. 😎

  3. John Frederick

    Nice video both sounded amazing. I especially liked the mahogany back and rosewood sides never seen one like that before very cool. I have an all mahogany top back and sides very warm sound and a spruce top mahogany sides and back it has more volume because of the spruce. Very beautiful guitars thanks for sharing.

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