1. AM M

    Quick question josh , where did you learn the way you play and how did you do it ? Very graceful

  2. ken o shea

    I only came here to steal the chords – Stayed til the end enjoying every note on vocal and guitar. Nice one!

  3. swift4752

    When my daughter was a baby this song puts her sleep with secs and now she's 24. Love the song

  4. hobbel dehoy

    Too heavy on the kick bass and It's funny hearing a little kid try to sing lyrics about being old. Good voice and good on that axe.

  5. oliver meehan

    I'm torn between "screw you, you wirey nerd" "oh my god what a talent, and such a pleasure to listen to".

  6. The Crow

    You are one talented guy for your age.
    Great picking and vocals too.
    Sounds so much like Paul Simon.
    Good luck with your music career.

  7. Picnicl

    Such a tricky seeming song to play – beautifully played and nice voice too.

  8. Cycle Green

    Wonderful, I really enjoyed your rendition. Now try and write a comparable song ! This highlights the skill and talent of singer song writers. As a guitarist myself, I wish I could come up with such a great song 🙂

  9. Väinö Lehtinen

    Love all your covers and music. Jesus just the amount of additude that goes into these videos… Justin townes Earle also did a fabolous cover of this

  10. Stephen Mendel

    I'm so blown away by your cover/take on Graceland, the way you've managed to really get the whole feel of the tune, that was originally recorded with steel guitar, electric guitar, drums and a myriad of other instruments, with a single tele and vocals is astounding. Really fine playing and spot on vocals. Kudos.

  11. Antonio Coutinho

    You know what touches me the most on listening to your music, besides your evident proficiency as a musician? it is your true humbleness and simplicity. May the Force grow in you!

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