Guitar Backing Jam Track E Minor Slow Blues Practice Guitar Scale Pattern


  1. Kev Musicluva

    Hey man, i know this has been posted years ago, just wanted to say thx. We noobs of all backgrounds really enjoy our short jamming sessions, thx to guys like you who take the time to upload these samples 😉 cheers from Montreal

  2. Daina S

    Also Very cool that you are making this stuff available to others 🙂

  3. Daina S

    Cool mate!  – It has a pretty good feel and the samples are much better than the Roland SC55  that I used years ago 🙂 ………. lol

  4. Ny Dien

    Im learning Blues,and this inspired me much.Thank you,Sir!

  5. Guitar Maps Backing Tracks

    I am continuously working to improve the quality, and my studio setup is a work in progress I put time in to the tracks, glad to see people enjoy them. Thanks for watching! … Enjoy!

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