How to play Spanish Romance (guitar lesson and Malaguena)!


  1. MaynardOwns

    Oh I'm so happy I'm not the only one who plays the high e and b strings like bass guitar on malaguena!

  2. King Fla

    The name of the song is "jeux interdits" 😉 Good Work Man !!

  3. Michael Simonsen

    I get how the tabs are working, but i am a bit confused by your fingerplaying. Could you detail it more?
    What's this song named, it's a very beautiful piece:)  

  4. Carlos Lopez

    Hey i was just wanting to tell you thanks for posting sumthing soo beautiful this song was actually the first melodie please email me so we can help each there thanks bye

  5. Macgiver474

    You have changed my style with this lesson. Please create more lessons and include tabs and chords if possible.   Thank you for such great tutoring 

  6. Lamont Robinson

    I'm not really a classical player but the knowledge you shared have expanded my Guitar playing vocabulary Thanks

  7. Alexhoolo

    LOVE THE FIRST PART, SO DIFFERENT!!! :D, You are good, man! But were you repeating one or two notes in between? It sounds a little bit like it's wrong somewhere. No offense. 'cause you are good!

  8. RJSwinder

    I just happened along this video and watched it and thought…wow ……i have been playing for over 25 years. Mostly heavy metal and such as times had changed i played what was popular…always wanted to learn spanish acoustic always thought you guys were awesome..needless to say as a guitar player who has crossed many styles of music that this would be my next learning mad that very easy for me i picked this up in a matter of a few minutes and now i have to say ……thank you

  9. Erick Avila

    This is one of my favorite songs I took in Guitar Class. I actually like playing this both slow and fast. I start up slow and start going faster, then slow down again. and repeat the process.

    There are various of ways you can combine rhythm in this songs. That is why it is a very popular one 🙂

  10. vodaN dk

    you are the best bro , i love you when you said "ASALAMO ALAYKOM"

  11. Barbra Atieno

    Hola!!!!!Fantastic song and lesson. I spent my day whole practicing! I have never played guitar before. Soo much fun!!I got the first part of the lesson (picking) pretty good. Fantastic teacher! Keep learning, teaching and sharing with us!! One love:)

  12. Tony Spring

    it depends on your mood sometimes you can speed it up and then slow it down! it's how you feel it!!! I recommend to watch a few different versions and then make you mind!!!

  13. Tony Spring

    my hands were hurting from the cold weather and playing in the cold weather but i'll be doing one soon!!! thank you!!!

  14. DIY Debesh

    Loved your music and the spirit of sharing across the globe… My best wishes…!!!!

  15. Tony Spring

    Hey, thanx, yes you would need nails amigo! some professionals can play without nails but it sounds better with nails!!! and if you just starting or intermediate it's almost a must! cheers!

  16. msa3d19

    do i need long nails to play this?
    the lesson was great keep up the good work

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