Megadeth Symphony of Destruction solo lesson Marty Friedman- Weekend Wankshop 186


  1. Ben Eller

    Did you guys enjoy this Marty Friedman Megadeth Symphony Of Destruction solo lesson?! What other sweet classic solos do you all want to see on my channel?!

  2. ever osfp

    Ben the first arpeggio is the second inversion of F# b5m7 arpeggio. ☺

  3. Bradley Stroup

    Uncle Ben, wondering if you have checked out Marty's arpeggio section in his song Inferno. It starts at 4:52 what I like about it is he is doing these arpeggios with a pattern but it sounds likes this blues luck over the top of that, like these classical arpeggios are supporting it in the background.

  4. Bob Ross

    I really appreciate this video, it's great however I currently don't have the technical ability to play this up to speed and I'd really like to so what do you suggest I should do?

  5. Zack Shackelford

    Yeah I had someone once told me my timing skills were not as solid as they should be. This is proof that even professional musicians don't always have immaculate timing.

  6. Sixsixsix Heretic

    There is a "girl" called little sistah or something on YouTube who honestly plays it much better

  7. Funkrocker81

    Cool lesson, uncle Ben! What picking strategy did you apply for the fast lines. Can you make a in depth lesson on it or is it like in your "play the last note on a string with legato" lesson?

    Greets from your step son 😉

  8. Chris Laib

    Nice job dude! Always love the full speed play through you do at the start of the ww's 🤘

  9. Ian

    Eller is a legit monster and he fucked my Mom

  10. Dave Divilly

    Fantastic analysis/breakdown of this Marty classic! The position-shift chicanery of his playing at break-neck tempos is defo one of the most challenging aspects of a lot of his solos. Thanks UB!

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