Perfectly Wrong Shawn Mendes Guitar Tutorial // Perfectly Wrong Guitar // Guitar Lesson #512


  1. Alex Johnson

    Could you do something by Midland? Anything off their album On The Rocks would be sick!

  2. AmandaC

    please do a song by the band why don’t we i can’t find tutorials for their songs anywhere 😭

  3. jharna chhetri

    Thank you so much, i really wanted this, also could you please do a guitar tutorial of growing pains by alessia cara🙏

  4. sanmidh nikam

    I know this is outta nowhere bt can you do a tutorial for night changes by one direction

  5. Yama Kouria

    YES YES YESSSS I LOVW THIS SONGGG THANK YOU SO MUCHHHH, and can you please also do a tutorial of Particular Taste by shawn mendes:) thank you so much for this tutorial

  6. Priyank Deep

    Try tune down the guitar into whole step or I’ll make you into a girl, see the chord chart below: –

    Chord Charts –
    G – 320003
    C – x32010
    Em – 022000
    D – xx0232
    Bm – x24432

  7. afsara saleh

    This song is my favorite off the album so thanks for doing it!!! Did u get a new guitar btw?

  8. Haley Potter

    Thanks for the tutorial! I love how easy Shawn’s songs are to play but how beautiful they sound!

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