Steal These 5 Blistering Zakk Wylde Licks ( With Tabs!)


  1. Gawain Davies

    Great lesson thanks I found your picking guidelines really helpful for nailing or trying to nail Zak’s licks , thank you.

  2. JTheGuitarPlayer

    Minus 900 points because you're not using a Lester Polsfus model guitar.

    Minus 900 more points because you're not using a Marshall JCM 800 2203ZW and a 4×12 loaded with Celestion V30 Black Label speakers.

    Video two should include the beginning of the Fire It Up solo because it's easy and straight out of the box 1 minor pentatonic. Plus, you can invent tons of cool variations on it

  3. Van Kazanjian

    That guitar looks like a les paul melted by nasty licks like those.
    awesome video man thanks.

  4. Joe McCarthy

    I like that Cronus. Scott from Acacia touched base with me. Hope you don't mind, but once my guitar piggy bank is full, I'm going to ask Scott to make mine to look like yours, but without the relicing.

  5. Mr. Speed

    Bro! Those bends/vibrato Bada$$. Ola Englund just did a review on the Revv G3 distortion pedal.

  6. SrDeMaFp

    Huge ZW fan here. Great job, I’m gonna give these a shot later. What guitar is that, BTW?

  7. drockny

    Great video Robert. No Rest For The Wicked and No More Tears are my two favorite Ozzy albums (Ultimate Sin close 3rd). Every track on those albums just has great riff after riff and solo after solo. Awesome choices for this tutorial thanks. How about a Warren DeMartini or John Sykes 5 Licks Vid?

  8. Eamon Forde

    Yes!! I've been waiting for a Zakk Wylde video, imo one of the greatest metal guitarists to ever live, massive inspiration to me🔥

  9. TL R

    Very cool video! Zakk fan from waaaaay back. Great job.. 👍

  10. Mal Reynolds

    Yeah, i'm still waiting for: "Steal these 5 blistering MICHAEL ROMEO licks" ( with tabs )


  11. Navid Rhythm

    Stopping by to thank you for motivating me to dust off my guitar again after almost a year and start playing and learning more things!

  12. Xosis

    Zakk takes simple bluesy patterns and licks, and somehow plays them in a way that’s complex. Both laid back, and frantic at the same time with a lot of feel. That always made his stuff a little hard to decipher. Where someone like Yngwie I always found way easier to crack because it’s pretty much linear scales played fast. Take the Phrygian Dominant, or Harmonic Minor and let it rip. ( please no Yngwie licks). Another person I always found had a more unorthodox way of making simple sound complex was George Lynch, give us some Lynch licks. Thanks for the video.

  13. porkchopsrv

    I usually watch your channel from my smart TV but will start watching on my laptop so I can give credit deserved, love your channel!

  14. Hanie Laabab

    Robert Baker deserves more subscriber TBH. He helped me a lot to improve my play-style. Thanks again for this great channel and Keep it UUUUPPPPPP

  15. Jeff Broussard

    If I already signed up for the mailing list shouldn't I have already gotten an email with the tabs?

  16. RC32

    Ahh man, Zakk is an Amazing and thrilling Guitarist indeed my man. Great vid!

  17. nnj3k

    How are you gonna do a fat rail off THAT thumbnail? Not Wylde enough bro!

  18. david smith

    How about some Andy Timmons licks,Robert always has a great sound/style,loved the Zakk,licks ,you really caught his vibe,great job,keep rockin!

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