StewMac Plunge Router Base for Dremel


  1. maubalDo56

    After getting the height of the Mother of Pearl inlay… how do u adjust the height of the bur to compensate the height of the the Mother of Pearl you want to inlay?

  2. scott 1911man

    I bought this new plunge base a few weeks ago, When I opened the box I noticed the brass stop peices looked like someone took a pair of pliers & gauged them up. Also the little knurled knob for the secondary stop didnt even work. I littoraly had to take this thing apart to fix it because I needed it to finish an inlay job, but after all it works good the liht is very bright.

  3. Dany Anka

    What a fantastic tool, i think it's worth it. If you are a serious luthier, you end up going with this stuff, i'm was the perfect example of someone trying to make tools of my own to save money, but i couldn't never get the same results as pro tools.

  4. Livin' Rob

    Great, I just bought the old router base. Now you put out a newer better one….

  5. Headknocker

    THANKS!! I'll make upgrades to my home made one to even better the one you sell @ zero cost.. Thanks again!!
    And at $140 you should be giving a Dremel along with it too DAMN!!

  6. Philip Edge

    I would like to cover the topic of prep-cleaning the guitar at bare wood stage,before applying a primer sealer,specifically E-Z Vinyl Sealer, nitrocellulose based spray application. What is the most efficient cleaning agent to clean bare wood on your guitar body & neck before proceeding to Seal wood.,then primer,then paint,& final clear coat.Does the cleaning agent choice become determined by the wood type, Alder,Ash or finer or lighter grain woods less dense in grain structure.
    Your very experienced knowledge would be very appreciated to guide me at this minor ,however crucial point in prep.! There are many who suggest Denatured Alcohol or Naphtha or Lighter fluid.
    Philip P. Edge
    Canada,British Columbia,West Coast

  7. Maximum Guitar Works

    This base is incredible…the ultra bright LED light is amazing and well positioned. In addition to what the video says…in certain situations I set the micro adjustment half way down, then set my stop…this gives me the ability to micro adjust the depth stop for critical dimensions. This tool is a winner!

  8. squidskunk

    put a link to the tool in the video…dont force people to search the site…

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