The Bird Blues Diet: Essential Jazz Harmony in 12 Bars


  1. Zal Moxis

    Nice one Richie…. thanks…. but who was that non-brearded man in the demos…..??

  2. Steven Christensen

    Your bebop guitar course is awesome. I’ve been playing guitar for 20 years but just got into jazz last year. The course is very logically laid out and I’ve learned a ton. I highly recommend it.

  3. Jazzguts

    A great lesson with very good explanation, I'm a jazz teacher myself and know the meaning of solid foundation and putting in your hours. What you said about dedication to jazz is true. I certainly dont believe in all those short lessons given with the idea that people have no time to study. Even George Benson a master bop guitarist still plays hours every day, either embrace jazz with your whole soul or forget about it. By the way you played some very solid phrases in this video, keep up your great work.

  4. DucksDeLucks

    A lot of famous players couldn't even read music and we're supposed to learn all these weird modes to get started.

  5. bob smith

    this seems great and all, but what on earth, you think people are going to learn mixolydian and dorian and super locrian before they learn the basic major and minor scale? lol

  6. TLGProduktions

    I was preparing to improvise along with you, but I didn't even have time to hit a single note at that blistering pace, wow. Perhaps it's best for me to stick to pentatonic exercises for now…

  7. James Mackay

    great stuff, clear, concise and profound. Great production quality. Really rare to nail all these, cheers Richie! Check out my new tune on my channel, would love to get your thoughts! Jamie

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