2016 Dominelli Classical Guitar [SOLD]


  1. carlcurtis

    Bradford: Since you've now reviewed the spruce and cedar versions of the Dominelli 630mm double-top, how do the two compare. I know cedar and spruce are very personal preferences, so the question may be unfair. But some luthiers do one better than the other. Also, is the width at the nut 50mm instead of 52mm–and how's the spacing?

  2. christofinb

    Hello, I like your videos they are very helpful but would like to see some reviews of 'entry level' classical guitars or for classical guitars for those with a comparatively much lower budget up to around £1000.00 or even up to £500.00.
    Could you give a review of some real bargains out there in the world of classical/Spanish guitars.
    Many Thanks

  3. Paul Prachun

    What kind of tuners — Name? Price of the guitar? Why are many luthiers going to 12 hole bridges?

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